Cold plasma extended shelf-life of chicken breast

Meat Science published a study by Iowa State University researchers on the effect of in-package atmospheric cold plasma (ACP) treatment on the control of spoilage organisms in chicken breast and found that t effectively control spoilage organisms. The treatment had a minimal effect of the product characteristics while allowing extending the refrigerated shelf-life by 6 days. The ACP treatment reduced by at least 1.5 log CFU/g the population of mesophiles, Enterobacteriaceae, and psychrotrophs, after 5 min of plasma treatment at 100 kV and in-pack storage for 24 h. The study demonstrates the efficacy of in-package cold plasma treatment in decontaminating chicken breast surface and extending the shelf-life. ACP is energy efficient and chemical-free decontamination intervention and is a promising alternative traditional chemical disinfection of poultry surfaces. @


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