Class action Against Gravy Train due to the Presence of Euthanasia Substance in its Dog Food

Two lawsuits were filed against Gravy Train dog food because the products are alleged to contain pentobarbital, a chemical used in dogs and cats euthanasia. “Pentobarbital is a Class II controlled substance, and there is no safe or set level for pentobarbital in pet food,” the Gravy Train class action lawsuit says. “If it is present, the food is adulterated.” The pentobarbital contained in Gravy Train dog food may have gotten into the product because the food is made from rendered animal products. Rendered products come from a process that converts animal tissues into feed ingredients, including tissues from animals that were euthanized, decomposed or diseased. @
Gravy Train Dog Food is Poisonous, Class Action Claims

A class action lawsuit claims that Gravy Train dog food contains pentobarbital, a chemical used in animal euthanasia, which is poisonous to pets.

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