Central Aquatics Recalls Aqueon Betta Food plastic jars due to Salmonella

The FDA announced on its website that Central Aquatics of Franklin, Wisconsin recalled 96 cases of Aqueon Betta Food (.95 oz plastic jar) because it might be contaminated with Salmonella. Fish with Salmonella infections are not well documented and fish carrying salmonella typically does not show any signs of disease. The product was distributed to Georgia, Illinois, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania via distribution centers. No illnesses have been reported to-date. An outside independent laboratory contracted to conduct Salmonella testing mistakenly indicated the two lots of the recalled product were negative for Salmonella, when in fact it was found to be positive for Salmonella. Central Aquatics immediately initiated steps to recall the subject product upon notification of the error by the independent laboratory. @ https://www.fda.gov/safety/recalls-market-withdrawals-safety-alerts/central-aquatics-recalls-aqueon-betta-food-95-oz-jar-because-possible-salmonella-health-risk?utm_campaign=Central%20Aquatics%20Recalls%20Aqueon%20Betta%20Food%20%28.95%20oz%20Jar%29%20Because%20of%20Possible%20Salmonella%20Health%20Risk&utm_medium=email&utm_source=Eloqua
Central Aquatics Recalls Aqueon Betta Food (.95 oz Jar) Because of Possible Salmonella Health Risk


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