CDC declared E. coli outbreak that sickens 40 in 19 States over- source not identified

The FDA, CDC, and states completed the investigation of  20 state (AZ (2), CA (6), IL (2), IN (1), KS (4), MI (3), MN (2), MO (3), ND (4), OH (1), OR (1), PA (2), TN (2), TX (1), UT (1), VA (1), WA (1), WI (2), and WY (1)) outbreak of E. coli O157:H7 in the fall of 2020. The investigation identified multiple types of leafy greens as a potential cause of the outbreak that had 40 cases of illnesses, 20 hospitalizations (with 4 cases of HUS). No deaths were reported. No single ranch was identified as a common source of the leafy greens. FDA and state partners conducted inspections on farms of interest and collected environmental samples. FDA is analyzing the samples and continuing their investigations to identify the root cause of this outbreak. @

 Outbreak Investigation of E. coli - Leafy Greens (December 2020)
Outbreak Investigation of E. coli - Leafy Greens (December 2020)

CDC declares outbreak over, FDA investigation ongoing

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