Caito Foods recall of Fresh-cut Melons costs $2.9M

The voluntarily recall of fresh-cut melon products, from Caito Foods, cost its owner SpartanNash $2.9 million this summer. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) epidemiological research traced back the Salmonella outbreak in fresh-cut melons that caused 77 people to become ill and 36 people to be hospitalized to Caito Foods. Costs of the recall included the disposal of the product, decreased efficiencies, increased production and other costs, according to a news release. The company CEO and President David Staples said: “It is worth noting that not one of the over 500 tests taken by the various parties showed positive evidence of salmonella, I believe these results are a testament to our commitment to operating a high-quality manufacturing process.” Tests were done by third-party food safety professionals and the FDA, according to the release. @
Caito Foods recall costs SpartanNash $2.9M

Voluntarily recalling fresh-cut melon products from Caito Foods cost owner SpartanNash $2.9 million this summer.

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