Baby arugula recalled by Green Life Farms due to Salmonella

The Miami Herald reported that Hydroponic baby arugula had been recalled by a Lake Worth Beach produce company after it found Salmonella in the lot that went to Publix stores and Publix’s Greenwise stores from May 31, 2024, and had June 15, 2024, sell-by date. “The potential for contamination was noted after routine testing by the company revealed the presence of salmonella in a single harvest of baby arugula,” Green Life Farms said in its FDA-posted recall notice. Green Life said it “took immediate corrective action and additional harvests remain unaffected.” The recalled lot of Green Life Farms Baby Arugula, with a sell-by date of 6/15/24, went to Publix stores on May 31 and is sold in 4-ounce plastic containers. Green Life Farms identified the potential for contamination during its routine testing. Salmonella was found in a single lot of arugula. @ 

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