Asparagus harvesting stopped due to a COVID-19 outbreak in Ontario Canada

The Packer reported that asparagus harvesting in Ontario, Canada was halted after 164 migrant workers at a farm tested positive for COVID-19. The workers are self-isolating at hotels and on-farm bunkhouses. Four of the workers remained hospitalized, two of whom were in intensive care. Farm leaders worked with the local health department to contain the spread of the virus. The farmworkers were employed by Scotlynn Group in Vittoria, Ontario.  The lack of skilled workers to harvest the crop caused a loss of 8-10% of the province’s more than 3,700 acres of asparagus. The Canadian federal government requires agricultural workers arriving from out of the country to complete 14 days of self-isolation, according to the health unit and Solymar. Some complete their self-isolation period at on-farm housing. Most growers did not have enough help for harvesting this season. However, there is no shortage of asparagus in stores. @
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