Arcobacter an emerging foodborne pathogen is a concern for seafood, and RTE Foods

Arcobacter is an emerging foodborne pathogen that relatively little is known about. The pathogen can cause human gastroenteric illness and may diminish the shelf life of contaminated foods. A study published in the International Journal of Food Microbiology vol373 (Genetic characterization and biofilm formation of potentially pathogenic foodborne Arcobacter isolates) aims to gain knowledge on the risk associated with their retail foods, their virulence, and to evaluate biofilm-associated genes. Arcobacters were detected in 22.3% of the analyzed samples, and the 83 recovered isolates were identified as A. butzleri (n = 53), A. cryaerophilus (n = 24), A. skirrowii (n = 2), A. thereius (n = 3) and A. vitoriensis (n = 1). They were isolated from all tested food types, mostly squids and turkey meat. Nineteen isolates (23.5%) were able to form biofilms on the different surfaces tested. @ (

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