An outbreak of Listeria Linked to Hard-boiled Eggs produced by Almark

Listeria illnesses and a death were reported in Texas, Florida, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Maine are linked to Almark Foods hard-boiled eggs. The CDC is concerned that bulk, fresh hard-boiled eggs produced by Almark Foods of Gainesville, Georgia, are contaminated with Listeria and have made people sick. These products were packaged in plastic pails for use nationwide by foodservice operators. The products have not been recalled. However, because Listeria can cause severe infections, the CDC is warning against selling, serving, or using these eggs to make other food products. Seven people infected with the outbreak strain of Listeria monocytogenes have been reported. Four hospitalizations have been reported. One death has been reported from Texas. One illness was reported in a newborn that was infected with Listeria while the mother was pregnant, but the newborn survived.  In this investigation, WGS showed that bacteria isolated from ill people are closely related genetically.  In the PulseNet database, CDC noted two environmental samples from February 2019 that are closely related genetically to bacteria from ill people in this outbreak.  @

Outbreak of Listeria Infections Linked to Hard-boiled Eggs | Listeria | CDC

Outbreak of Listeria Infections Linked to Hard-boiled Eggs

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