AFC Sushi from Harris Teeter in Concord (NC) causes 159 sick

On November 20, health officials with the Cabarrus Health Alliance reported that “more than ten individuals” were sickened by the sushi. As of December 15, 159 confirmed sick people got sick after eating sushi from two (358 George W. Liles Pkwy NW, Concord and Harris Teeter at 1245 Concord Parkway North, Concord )Harris Teeter stores in Concord, North Carolina. According to Cabarrus Health Alliance news, the pathogen causing the illness is not yet identified and food and specimen samples are being collected for laboratory culture to identify the pathogen. Sushi production and sales at the store on George W. Liles Parkway have been suspended until further notice.  Harris Teeter has proactively identified and notified 429 households which purchased sushi product at these locations during the identified timeframe. AFC is the largest US franchisor of supermarket sushi bars, with over 3,300 sushi bars in stores nationwide. @

 Sushi From Harris Teeter Sickens 159 People in North Carolina
Sushi From Harris Teeter Sickens 159 People in North Carolina

At least 159 people in North Carolina were sickened after eating at sushi bar kiosks located inside two Harris Teeter stores in Concord.

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