A novel shrink wrap material repeals bacteria

A team of researchers at McMaster University reported in an article published in ACS Nano that they have developed a self-cleaning surface that can repel bacteria, preventing the transfer of antibiotic-resistant superbugs and food pathogens. A treated form of conventional shrink-wrap type of material is used. The treated material is ideal for food packaging, where it could stop the accidental transfer of bacteria such as E. coli, Salmonella and Listeria from raw chicken, meat and other foods. The water-repellent lotus leaf inspired the development of the surface, the new surface works through a combination of nano-scale surface engineering and chemistry. The hydrophobic material makes liquid bounce away.  The surface is also treated chemically to enhance its repellent properties further, resulting in a barrier that is flexible, durable and inexpensive to reproduce. The researchers are hoping to work with a commercial partner to develop commercial applications for the wrap. @ https://brighterworld.mcmaster.ca/articles/the-ultimate-non-stick-coating/

 The ultimate non-stick coating
The ultimate non-stick coating

Researchers create a self-cleaning surface that repels even the deadliest superbugs, with medical settings and food industry in mind

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