A new traceability program will allow consumers to connect with melon growers to prevent bacteria outbreaks

More traceability is catching up not only in the US but also in Australia. The New South Wales government has announced a new program for fresh melons, using FreshChain traceability technology. The program will use QR codes to connect consumers with fruit growers, help prevent bacteria outbreaks and enhance the traceability systems by providing information on origin, freshness, and safety. Melons were chosen for the pilot program because there was a national listeriosis outbreak in Australia two years ago. The state government partnered with FreshChain, an Australian-owned and operated technology company, to deliver the pilot program. The government asked for farmers, especially melons, berries, and leafy vegetables, to participate in the study. The program places producers at the forefront of the rapidly evolving digital traceability opportunities worldwide. Solutions like this support the National Traceability Framework and strengthen Australian exports' competitiveness. @ http://www.fruitnet.com/produceplus/article/183881/nsw-tightens-melon-traceability

 NSW tightens melon traceability
NSW tightens melon traceability

A new traceability pilot is set to connect consumers with melon growers and help prevent bacteria outbreaks

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