A multi-country survey study on the effects of Covid-19 pandemic on food safety

A multi-country survey was conducted in 16 countries involving 825 food companies. The study provides an essential insight into food safety systems' response during the pandemic's first months. Staff awareness and hygiene are two of the most important attributes of the Covid-19 pandemic that affect food safety. Temperature checking of workers and health protocols from the World Health Organization was the least important. Companies with Food Safety Management Systems (FSMS) have implemented more rigorous preventive measures in combating Covid-19 within their operating facilities. To combat this pandemic crisis, food companies confirmed the implementation of more restrictive hygiene procedures and additional purchase of protective equipment (PPEs). The pandemic impacted retailers the most. All companies surveyed declared that food safety had not been compromised at any moment. However, less than half of the companies had documented any emergency plans associated with pandemics and health issues in place.  @ https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0956713520307167



 Covid-19 pandemic effects on food safety - Multi-country survey study
Covid-19 pandemic effects on food safety - Multi-country survey study

This study provides an important insight into the response of food safety systems during the first months of the pandemic, elevating the perspective o…

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