A gastroenteritis epidemic in France due to the consumption of oysters contaminated with norovirus

Health authorities in France have banned the fishing and selling of oysters in the bay around Mont-Saint-Michel and other shellfish farming areas on France’s north-western coast until further notice due to norovirus. Oyster farmers have blamed pollution along the coast on sewage that has not been fully treated. Suspect oyster batches have been withdrawn from sale.  The contamination of the shellfish (mainly oysters) caused more than 668 illnesses. The illnesses started in December of 2019, with a peak of illnesses at 25-27 of December. @ https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/jan/06/brittany-oyster-farms-gastroenteritis-epidemic-sewage

 Brittany oyster farms hit by gastroenteritis epidemic
Brittany oyster farms hit by gastroenteritis epidemic

Farmers blame ‘ecological emergency’ on inadequate treatment of sewage

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