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Sample6 Pathogen DETECT Platform Acquired by IEH

Sample 6 businesses were split into two. The pathogen detection system (DETECT) was acquired by IEH while Sample 6 will continue with its CONTROL software. The DETECT test system was developed as a solution to help food processors identify points of Listeria and Salmonella contamination on-site and in-shift @

IEH Laboratories & Consulting Group (IEH), Lake Forest Park, Wash., acquired all assets related to the Sample6 DETECT platform, Woburn, Mass.


A new use of blockchain to follow tomato ripening

Blockchain can be used in agriculture to test tomato ripeness, and their color and sugar content. The tracking allows the reduction of spoilage and documenting the supply chain. @

The technology is being put to use in more prosaic fields like agriculture.





Rapid Diagnostics are Essential in the Battle Against Drug Resistance

A great threat to public health is the increase in antibiotic resistance. Pathogens that were thought to be concurred are re-emerging. Rapid molecular testing is an important tool in dealing with the challenges posed by antibiotic resistance. Assays that quickly identify not only the cause of an infection and relevant resistance markers. @