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In Canada Simply Hot brand Thai Green Peppers recalled due to Salmonella

The CFIA reported that Fresh Direct Produce had recalled Simply Hot Thai green peppers from the Canadian market place due to possible Salmonella contamination. The product has been sold in Alberta, Saskatchewan and may have been distributed in other provinces and territories. No illnesses were reported due to this product. @



Salmonella Enteritidis outbreak linked to raw cookie dough from Papa Murphy’s in Washington State

The CDC reports 18 cases of Salmonella Enteritidis in six states (CA 1, ID 4, MO 1, OR 4, UT 2, and WA 6) linked to Papa Murphy’s raw cookie dough. Two varieties of raw cookie dough, Chocolate chip cookie dough and S’mores bars dough, are linked to the outbreak. Nine sick people reported eating raw cookie dough from Papa Murphy’s Take’ N’ Bake Pizza the week before they got sick. Based on this information, Papa Murphy’s has temporarily stopped selling its raw chocolate chip cookie dough and S’mores bars dough. At least two sick people did not eat at Papa Murphy’s. Investigators are working to identify the contaminated ingredient in the raw cookie dough. Two people have been hospitalized. No deaths have been reported. The company has temporarily stopped selling raw dough. @

CDC: Salmonella Outbreak Linked to Raw Cookie Dough

Get the most up-to-date outbreak information here.


Boston Health inspectors ordered Los Amigos restaurant chain to close 2 locations due to Salmonella

Local news in the Boston area reported that the Boston health inspectors ordered the closure of Los Amigos Taqueria Mexican restaurant in Brighton and Boston and suspended the restaurant’s permit to operate after Salmonella was reported and an inspection identified multiple problems. Multiple reports of foodborne illness from items consumed at this chain were reported. The Boston Public Health Commission confirmed investigating “an emerging salmonella outbreak” linked to the restaurant. The health authorities encourage customers who have eaten at the Brighton location between May 12 and May 18 to monitor themselves for symptoms of Salmonella infection @


Health officials order restaurant chain to close 2 Mass. locations

The first location was closed Thursday after multiple reports of foodborne illness and an inspection on Friday found reason to close the second restaurant.

Morel mushrooms caused 50 illnesses, three hospitalizations, and two death in Montana (May 2023)

The FDA, CDC, Gallatin City-County Health Department, and Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services are investigating illnesses at a single restaurant in Montana. The restaurant temporarily closed following the illnesses. However, there is no further risk to the public. Preparation and storage methods at the restaurant continue to be examined as part of the investigation into the cause of illnesses, and this advisory will be updated as information becomes available. As of May 15, 2023, 50 ill people ate at the restaurant between March 28 and April 17, 2023, of whom 44 reported eating morel mushrooms. There have been three hospitalizations and two deaths associated with this incident. A sample from the restaurant showed that the sampled mushrooms were true morels. Although epidemiological evidence indicates that morel mushrooms consumed at the restaurant are likely the cause of illnesses, mushroom poisonings can be difficult to diagnose as the exact chemical nature of some toxins found in wild-type mushrooms are currently unknown. Edible mushroom species can be difficult to identify, even by mushroom experts. @


Morel mushrooms are generally considered safe to eat, but they may contain some toxins that can cause health problems.