Trending now in food Safety- New page to the BioExpert site

The Trending Page

We have just added a new exciting page on our website. The purpose of this additional page is to introduce and discuss current trends in food safety, intriguing articles, and bring to the attention of the food safety community any new topic that might be of interest.  Any registered user will be able to easily publish any relevant trend or comment on any previously published trend articles. Anyone can read the content of this page.

I am hoping that all registered users will contribute to this page thereby creating a compelling new relevant body of information and pointing readers to important food safety information. By your active participation, you will be able to help your colleagues to understand the most pressing trends in food safety and determine where to focus their attention.

What Could be Covered

Examples of interesting topics:

  • The ever-shifting regulatory environment and trying to keep up with the FSMA regulations
  • The globalization of food safety with the FSMA Foreign Supplier Verification Program
  • New food safety regulations around the world
  • Impact of natural and organic food on food safety
  • Recalls and the reasons for frequent recalls
  • Allergens and their impact on recalls
  • Labeling issues as a reason for recalls
  • Advanced system for pathogen testing
  • Impact of technology on the industry
  • Important actions by FDA, USDA, and FSIS that impact the food industry

How to Add a New Trend to the Page?

After signing in to the BioExpert site observe a new tab called “Trending.”

Entering the Site as a Guest

A guest entering the site and clicking on “Trending” will bring you to the following page:

In this screen, you can:

  • Read all the trending entries (just scroll down the page)
  • Login to the site if you are a registered user
  • Register to the site by clicking the green “Register” button
  • Submit your name and Email to receive updates from this page.

To contribute to the page one needs to be a registered user.

Registered Users

As a registered user, you are encouraged to contribute to this page by adding important trend that you would like to share.  By entering the trending page, you will see on top of the page:

By clicking on “Enter conversation Title…” you will see:

Simply type (or paste) the title of your conversation, and write (or paste) a short text in the “add text” box. If the text refers to a website add: “ @ “ and the site location. You can also add an image to the posting by clicking on the image button.

Optionally a category for the posting can be added:

Email Notification

Registered users will not receive routine updates from the trending page. If you wish to receive updates, please sign for it by filling the information in the “Trending Email Sign up.”

The success of this page depends upon YOU

We rely on our registered users to help us and help the food safety community by bringing to everyone’s attention trends that are important to all of us. 

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