The Smarter Safety Of Food Science-

How nice would it be for the FDA to be able to track the source of a food poisoning illness?  To track the orgin of outbreak within seconds versus months?


Where is the culture and technology of food safety headed?  The FDA will be implementing a plan called

New Era of Smarter Food Safety Blueprint as revealed on July 13th, at the virtual SHIFT20 show hosted by the Institute of Food

Technologists (IFT), FDA Deputy Commissioner for Food Policy and Response Frank Yiannnas outlined the vision behind it.


I sat in on the webinar, and here is what I learned:


  1. Tech-enabled Traceability

This is key for identifying and controlling outbreaks and contamination. Right now, paperwork-based traceability is still prevalent. The goal with tools like blockchain and user-friendly apps is to be able to go back to the source of food in seconds instead of days.


  1. Smarter Tools and Approaches for Prevention and Outbreak Response

With new data streams and tools for analyzing it, there are more possibilities for preventive approaches. Identifying root causes and high risks can help stop problems before they start.


  1. New Business Models and Retail Modernization

As more and more people get their food from online stores or grocery delivery, the FDA is looking for ways to ensure food safety in these new markets. They’re also taking a look at more traditional business models, like retail establishments, and how methods can be improved there.

  1. Food Safety Culture

As the blueprint states, “A strong food safety culture is a prerequisite to effective food safety management.” The food industry can’t be complacent about the future of food safety, but must always be looking to strengthen and improve it. Read the whole blueprint


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