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The trending page is active now.  I would like to emphasize the importance of this page in bringing up-to-date information about the trends of our profession. I encourage you to go to the trending page and read the topics that so far have been posted.

If you have any relevant interesting topic, it is easy to post it on the page and help bring the information to the benefit of our members.

This week’s covered topics include:

  • Microbial Sensor Provides Non-Destructive Snapshot of Environments;
  • It is Possible That Lactalis Sold Contaminated Baby Formula for ten years;
  • Raws for Paws Recalled Turkey Pet Food Due to Salmonella Risk:
  • Smokehouse Pet Products Recalled “Beefy Munchies” due to Salmonella;
  • More Than 100 Sick due to Norovirus in the Winter Olympic;
  • The Trend to Outsource Pathogen Testing Continues;
  • The FDA releases 2017 Food Code for Retail Food Protection.

The trending page should discuss current trends in food safety, intriguing articles, and bring to the attention of our members any new topic that might be of interest.  Any registered user can easily publish any relevant trend or post a comment on any previously published trend posting.

I am hoping that all registered users will contribute to this page thereby creating a compelling new relevant body of information and directing readers to important food safety information. By your active participation, you will be able to help your colleagues to understand the most pressing trends in food safety and determine where to focus their attention.

As you can see from our previous blog, adding new trends to the page is very easy (see for details).

Registered users and visitors can read the content of this page. We send updates about the information posted on the page to those people that are registered for such notifications. Registered users will not receive routine updates from the trending page. If you wish to receive updates, please sign for it by filling the information in the “Trending Email Sign up.”

The success of this page depends upon YOU

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