Lactalis Baby Formula recalled due to Salmonella agona contamination

Lactalis, a French dairy company, is one of the world’s largest dairy producers was ordered to recall 7,000 tons of powdered milk products due to the contamination with Salmonella agona (French Health authorities).   Twenty-six infants have become ill in France since early December. Initially, 20 children, younger than 6, became ill. This caused an initially limited recall that was expanded as more children got sick. This week 5 new cases of Salmonellosis were reported.

The recalled products were sold in Europe (France and Britain, Greece), in Africa (Morocco and Sudan), in South America (Peru and Colombia), and in Asia (Pakistan, Bangladesh, and China).The affected brands include Picot, Milumel, and Celia. None of the recalled products was sold in the USA. Lactalis believe that the outbreak of Salmonella can be traced back to its facility in Craon in northwest France and to a drying tower used to create the dry milk powder. All products produced at this facility since mid-February might be contaminated. The company had put into place new disinfection procedures together with new cleaning regiment.

The France health authority reported that all the children impacted by the recall are doing well.

Lactalis is a French privately healed company with its headquarters in Laval, in Western France. It has around 75,000 employees in 85 countries

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