Global and Local Food Outbreaks in the News


This time we will focus upon international issues in our report. Every week several foods borne outbreaks are reported, demonstrating that more efforts are required to eliminate such outbreaks. This blog includes a report about Hepatitis A outbreak due to sushi consumed in Genki restaurants on Oahu and Kauai in Hawaii. It is summer and consequently, Cyclospora outbreaks are reported in Canada and Texas. Also in the news a large recall in Israel for Salmonella contamination in Hummus and Tahini.

Hepatitis A Outbreak in Hawaii Sushi Chain

Source: CBS News and HawaiiNewsNow.  Sushi-GenkiThe Hawaii State Department of Health reported that the outbreak “is likely due to imported frozen scallops served raw at Genki Sushi Restaurants on Oahu and Kauai.” The popular chain’s eateries have been shut down.  The number of victims has topped 200 and health officials expect that it will increase. State health officials ordered 11 Genki Sushi locations on two islands to close. The state also embargoed scallops distributed by Koha Foods of Honolulu. The raw frozen scallops were imported to the U.S. from the Philippines by Sea Port Products Corp., a California company. About 70 percent of the victims reported eating at a Genki Sushi restaurants. Of the 206 victims so far, illness onset dates ranged from June 16 through August 9. Mary Hansen, chief administrative officer at Genki, said that the company’s officials were “shocked” to hear that the eateries were linked to the outbreak. “Genki Sushi cares about our customers’ health and safety. We immediately complied with the order” she said, in a Tuesday news conference.

Cyclospora in Canada, and Texas

Source: Public Health Agency of Canada.  CyclosporaIn Canada, a total of 61 cases have been reported, most of them in Ontario (~85%). Individuals became sick between May and July 2016. One person was hospitalized. The investigation into the source of the outbreak is ongoing. Previous foodborne illness outbreaks of Cyclospora in the US and  Canada have been linked to various types of imported fresh produce, such as pre-packaged salad mix, basil, cilantro, raspberries, blackberries, lettuce and snow and snap peas. The source of the illnesses has not yet been identified, although Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) stated that “imported fresh produce products are currently items of interesting in the ongoing investigation.” These individuals became ill between May and July 2016, the PHAC stated.  The investigation into the source of the outbreak is ongoing.  A similar outbreak was reported in 2015. According to the CDC Most of the reported cases and outbreaks in the United States of Cyclosporiasis occur during spring and summer months, particularly during May through August. Texas officials are investigating an increasing number of Cyclospora. The Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) is investigating an outbreak of at least 160 cases of Cyclosporiasis. 72 cases had been confirmed

Salmonella Contamination in Israel due to Tahini and Hummus

Source: Food Safety News and Tablet. HaNasich, a major Israeli manufacturer of Tahini paste, which is an important ingredient in Hummus, Tehina (Tahini), eggplant salad, and more. Several brands of sHummus-Tahinialads containing Tahini or Hummus were contaminated with Salmonella. Shamir salads contaminated with Salmonella were recalled by the Israel Ministry of Health. Two other salad producers, Tsabar (Sabra) and Achla, also reported their products were contaminated with Salmonella, but the problematic products were caught and destroyed before the salads reached the market. The salad contamination may be a far larger issue in Israel.  Shamir Salads recalled thousands of hummus and Tahini salad containers. Some of the contaminated raw product had been distributed before the problem was discovered. The Ministry of Health is focused on raw Tehina manufactured by HaNasich as the source of the contamination. It is destroying 200 tons of raw Tehina. HaNasich is a worldwide distributor of raw Tehina for making Hummus, Tehina and eggplant salads.

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