Sample6 Pathogen DETECT Platform Acquired by IEH

Sample6 has two main products: DETECT, the pathogen detection system for the detection of Listeria monocytogenes in environmental samples, and CONTROL a food safety software package. Sample6 businesses were split into two. The pathogen detection system (DETECT) was acquired by IEH while Sample6 will continue with its CONTROL software.

PRNews reported that Sample6 and IEH had jointly announced that IEH is acquiring the DETECT platform while Sample6 will continue to pursue the CONTROL software.

The Pathogen DETECT System

The principle of the technology is described in an article entitled “Advancing bacteriophage-based microbial diagnostics with synthetic biology” by Lu et al. (Lu TK, Bowers J, Koeris MS.2013).

An engineered phage designed to interact with the target pathogens (i.e., Listeria monocytogenes, or Salmonella), makes the bacteria produce a large amount of the reporter enzyme. After a few hours, the bacterial cells go through a lysis step, and the reported enzyme is detected.  The enzyme introduced by the phage makes the bacteria produce a biolumination compound that glows.  The Biolumination signal is detected by the system. It is an enrichment free system capable of detecting one cfu/swab in 4 hours.

The CEO of Sample 6, Dr. Michael Koeris said: “IEH’s resources and reach will allow for a more rapid deployment of the groundbreaking in-shift, on-site technology, as well as the successful launch of the high-throughput platform into the central and 3rd party laboratory market worldwide.”

CONTROL Software

Sample6 CONTROL is environmental monitoring software, allowing to schedule, monitor and report environmental program data. It allows gaining an insight into the effectiveness of the environmental monitoring system.

Automated scheduling can be obtained by the system and results from any test method can be easily entered into the CONTROL software. In the event of a nonconforming or presumptive positive test result, a corrective action is generated.

The system provides the reporting tools necessary to evaluate the performance of the environmental monitoring plan and to make adjustments based on historical and real-time data.

IEH Laboratory and Consulting Group

The company owns more than 95 laboratories, combining consulting with accredited testing laboratory. IEH is serving the food and pharmaceutical industries, providing services in a variety of disciplines. The company is lead by Dr. Mansour Samadpour.

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