Is Blockchain the Key to the Future of Food Safety?

An interesting article by MeatingPlace, about blockchain and its prospects in food safety. By the end of 2017, the buzz about the role of blockchain in food safety got louder. Cargill introduced a pilot test to create a transparent digital trail of farm-to-store provenance for Honeysuckle White brand turkeys. Consumers were able to enter a package code on their home computers to access a website where they could learn more about where the turkey was raised. In early 2018, Walmart and IBM showed how blockchain, could improve food safety by speeding up food recalls. Walmart was able to trace mangoes in just 2.2 seconds, instead of weeks. The technology has been hyped, but can it fulfill the promises? @{%22issue_id%22:492119,%22page%22:30}
Meatingplace Desktop May 2018{%22issue_id%22:492119,%22page%22:30

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