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What are the basic differences between the PCPC (CFTA) AET method and the traditional USP 51 method? Is it just the re-inoculation at 28 days; challenging the preservative for 56 days total?

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We recently introduced a technique for measuring sodium using a benchtop NMR instrument. We specifically target sodium. Salt (NaCl) can also be found if we can eliminate or account for any other forms of sodium or chloride. Currently titration and conductivity meters are primarily used to detect salt (NaCl) where the focus is on finding the chlorides first. Curious to know what people in the food industry think about a new way of measuring sodium (Na) and potentially salt (NaCl). Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

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Under the new FSMA rule, what is required to start using an alternative method for pathogens? Is AOAC certification OK?

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Reading the press release of Cherney Microbiological Systems about predicting shelf life using the GreenLight technology It looks very interesting. I also looked at the Mocon site to understand the technology. Still there are questions: 1. Does anyone have any experience with the system. 2. How can the Mocon system measure TVC when you have a mixture of slow and fast growing organisms? 3. Will a single mold cell even detect in 15 hours? 4. Are there different media for bacteria, yeasts and molds?

What is the best method for the testing of Campylobacter in chicken/
I like to be able to test Bukholderia cepacia complex (BBC) from processing water, what is the best method?
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Which is the best method to rapidly detect Listeria in ice cream?
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What method should I use for the detection of non 0157 STEC?
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Why are Petri Dishes inverted during incubation?